The First Annual Ursa Outdoor Film Festival!!!

If it’s not on film, it didn’t happen.
— Ursa HQ

How do raft guides turn the lights off at night? They shut the car door. How many climbers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Climbers don't screw in light bulbs, they screw in sleeping bags, duhhh. How do you know if there is a tele skier at your party? Don't worry, they will tell you. How do you bring all of these outdoor junkies together, under one roof, to celebrate the great outdoors we all know and love? I would like to rephrase and say, Rage under one roof (with the help of our title sponsor Rockstar energy). Thats an easy one. We at Ursa HQ decided to tap into this culture by creating the Ursa Outdoor Film Fest showcasing independent outdoor companies and independent outdoor films. To top that, we all know a film fest is nothin special unless there is an abundance of free gear to throw into the crowd: thanks to our many sponsors (at the bottom of the page!) Lets get to it! What is this thing?

First Annual Ursa Outdoor Film Fest 2016

  • Independent Outdoor Films
  • Independent Outdoor Companies
  • Athletes, Pro and AM
  • Outdoor Community (Locals Only Baby. Not. Were all badasses)

BEST VIDEO AWARD: Jake Lamons // Xenogenesis 


What better way to decide who the true winners are at the Ursa Outdoor Film Fest than a crowd vote? We utilized a streamlined and real time txt-to-vote system to let the crowd vote for their favorite video of the night. With over 340 attendees, the votes were close, but the best prevailed!

1st: Alex D'Agostino // The Bozeman Sewer Mutants 

2nd: Justin Kauffman // Precision

3rd: Eric Hinsperger // New Level

Although the above films took home some hardware, we also had many other exceptional entries. A total of 38 to be exact. We would like to thank all who submitted films, helped make the films, volunteered at the festival, shared our social media content, helped spread the word and showed up filled with nothin but stoke! Live music by YURT, Incognito Astronaut and Simple Beings set the vibe before, during and after the event! Lastly, we could not have made this event happen with out our generous sponsors!

Performances by YURT, Incognito Astronaut, and Simple Beings!


Special thanks to for their exceptional crew and production expertise. 


- Sam