Champagne Sherbert WI 4 Hyalite Canyon, Lower Flanders

Location: Lower Flanders, East Fork of Hyalite Canyon

Route: 60 meters, WI4

Champagne Sherbert is an all time classic in Hyalite Canyon. Although somewhat out of the way from easy access, this climb is highly recommended for those looking for WI4 ice. This climb is best done in one long pitch but could be split into two with an ice screw anchor just above the main pillar. Two ropes are necessary for a clean rappel. We brought one 70 meter rope to save weight and then built a v-thread halfway. If you are going to build a v-thread, do so above and away from the main pillar of ice to keep clean for other climbers.

Clay and I left the parking lot at just before sunrise to get an early start. For the approach we decided to use skins to ski in and move quickly. Skis worked great and I would recommend touring in later in the season when the road is closed. After about 1 mile to Palisade Fall's parking lot, we continued up to East Fork road towards the Emerald Lake trailhead. Note* do not go all the way to the Emerald Lake parking lot, about 3/4 a mile in there will be a small fork in the road crossing a meadow to the right down to a creek - take this. From here we continued up into the Flanders basin via and old logging road until Champagne Sherbert was visible to our left. The approach took about two hours and was very casual. The Lower Flanders area is filled with many other routes that are climbed far less than Hyalites main fork. 

Once below the route, Champagne Slot is immediate to the left and weather dependent. Sometimes this climb is slightly mixed, sometimes it is fat WI3. It is paired easily with Champagne Sherbert and recommended to allocate time to climb both! Once on the route, begin with chandelier ice to reach the base of the pillar. Once at the pillar, you can climb the slightly overhanging face or chimney your way up behind the pillar using the ice and rock to stem. Finish climbing the crux and continue up mellow WI3 up towards a tree anchor.