Crazy Peak 11,209ft Crazy Mountains, Montana

Crazy Peak  boasts the most prominence of any Montana peak. Situated in the Crazy Mountains, there is really no trail; pick your desired scree field and begin the rigorous journey to the top.  Crazy Peak deserves its title and is a true expedition.  This climb was done in September.


Crazy Peak can be done in a long day although some may enjoy spending a night at Blue Lake for the fishing.  Starting at Big Timber Creek Trailhead at sunrise, we trekked 3 miles towards Blue Lake where we relaxed and refueled.  Once arriving at Blue Lake, the trail ends and its time to conquer the vast scree fields straight up the side of the mountain.  This is very rigorous and hard on the legs. 

Once atop the ridge, keep on keeping on until the false summit.  Finding a route is not too difficult yet some minor climbing is required.  Down climb the chimney into a small couloir; here is where you must find a route suitable to your skill level and finish the last stretch to the summit.  

Once upon the summit of Crazy Peak the views are great.  Because the Crazy Mountains are situated in the plains as an island of mountains, you can see many surrounding ranges on a clear day.  Crazy Peak feels like another planet when submersed in the mountain.  There are barely any trees creating an environment unlike any other.  I highly recommend this hike for an intense climb possibly as a precursor to Granite Peak.